Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 5-Friday

Friday marked day 5 and yes, it was a success!  Steve took the day off work as he had to travel to San Fran for the day Thursday and it ended up being a day that lasted from 4:30am Th to 1am Fri do to a super delayed flight.  Anyways, he slept in while I snuck in a couple house projects.

we still need to caulk around the tub (and yes, it's been a year since we had it reglazed), so I cleaned the grouted areas really well and hope to get that finished up this weekend

Also, fixed up a few things in the babe's room.  Took down the adorably cute handmade mobile as I realized this week that Ben could totally grab it (for some reason I guess he hasn't realized yet that he could) and then it would be a potential strangulation hazard.  you should have seen me standing on the crib rail trying to reach up to the 9' ceiling to take it down.

and re-hung the Audubon print that some how fell down (and thankfully landed in a pile of pillows, therefore not shattering) a couple weeks ago.  Yes, I realize that one of the prints fell down in the frame but I hesitate to add any adhesive to the back of the print because it is part of an antique collection and I do not know if it has value.  Any ideas on how to fix it?  I have tried putting paper behind in and some foam but it does not seem to work.  Maybe I need larger foam or some cardboard.

Also finally hung the Rejuvenation Copper No Soliciting sign that we have had sitting in our front entry way with a drill and drill bits for the last month.  I realize that this is a total splurge at $37 but I justified it being that I found no other pretty signs after searching for several years and I hate solicitors.  My friend suggested that we just try making one but first of all, do I have the time?  NO.  and I figured that by the time a got a custom cut piece of copper and all the supplies, I wouldn't save much money.  Also, we have spent drillions of hours working on the outside of our home and tons of money and dag nabbit, I want a pretty sign that tells annoying strangers to stay the bleep away and not bother us.  :)  Anyways, got a 20% coupon for one item at Rejuvenation a month or so ago and since we had nothing else we needed at the time, I decided to go for it.  AND we luv it!  Totally worth the cost.

After doing that, we took a quick trip to Winks hardware (they are only open M-F) to return the fence gate latch that did not work with our small gate between our driveway Ben pen and backyard (yes, nice gate hardware that works with our setup is apparently a bitch to find) and bought a new latch for our large Ben pen gate (and no, sadly, our the hardware we ordered for the front gate did not work either).  I luv winks, those people are so helpful and they seem to have it all.
new Ben Pen gate hardware
 While we were at it, I wanted new Black (and yes, they cost too much) stoppers for the door stopper we plan to put on our bathroom door to keep the glass doorknob from hitting our little cabinet by the sink each time we open the door.
After all that, we took off to Sauvie Island beach for the afternoon and went blueberry picking as well.  The weather could not have been better and we had a blast. If you are going to Sauvie Island beach, I highly recommend driving all the way past Collins Beach (unless u are into nude beaches and want to just stop there) to the little area a mile or so further down the road.  The beach is gorgeous and the water is shallow and warm.


  1. I'll be really curious whether your no soliciting sign actually works. We finally had to hang a really obnoxious printed sign to stop the solicitors from bugging us. A pretty sign would be nice. =)

  2. Sharon, I am so curious to find out if it works as well. Really hope so. I will keep you updated. :)
    PS your house is looking amazing!!! Can't wait to see it again in person!