Thursday, August 18, 2011

Days 3 & 4 & already slackin'

I'll admit that I actually started slacking night 2.  I posted on night two that I was about to put the second coat of paint on the chipping front porch areas.  Well, after gettin' cozy on the couch  and having a glass of vino, that plan went out the window really quickly.

Day 3: Last night we had our weekly (which recently has not been weekly) hoard fest.  What is hoard fest?  Well, once a week we try to have Steve's brother and his wife over and I cook dinner.  Then we retreat (sounds so pleasant doesn't it?) to the basement where we go through stuff.  Stuff?  Yes, stuff that belonged to Steve's parents.  I call it the hoard.  We sold their house in 2008 and brought about 3000sq feet of their "stuff" to our basement.  Anyways, there is lots more to the story but I would really really like to finish going through the stuff as do the boys and Greg's wife, Amber.  I feel like we can't start our major dormer addition/upstairs remodel until we go through everything.  And it is a chapter in our lives that we would like to close.  And we are SOOOO CLOSE!  Seriously not too much left, but it's the hard stuff, like photos and papers.  and collections.  Anyways, I will count hoard fest as my Day 3 project.  Got rid of several large boxes of trash/recycle and need to take a load to Goodwill.

Day 4: finished coat two for the front porch.  woo-hoo! caught up from day 2
Then I discovered (much to my delight) that Steve had attached all but one (I guess it's missing?) of the post caps to the new fence!  Yea, wanted to do that this weekend but it's done.  That tricky boy, got one past me.
So onto a couple other little projects that drive me nuts on a daily basis.

Doors: we had our wood floors refinished in Oct. 2009-yup, almost 2 years ago.  had to remove the doors to our closet bedrooms "(as well as hall closet door and bedroom doors).  At the same time I took advantage of the opportunity to strip the hinges for all the doors.  Well, we of course rehung the doors but ever since then both of the closet doors have failed to close all of the way.  Didn't used to bother me too much.  But now it does.  Daily.
luv this 6 in 1 screwdriver that was under $5 from Home Depot-keep it in our built-in desk for easy access

Why?  because we have a little munchkin who loves to open & close doors as well as hide in dark spaces (which includes closets). Yes, adorable BUT not lovely when he starts pulling out the shoes you just put away or dumps the toys you are trying to keep put.  And you can't close the door.  Well, I currently can get it to stick shut but that is just bothersome.
So, how to fix it?  I tried to tighten the screws on Ben's door just before he went to bed but that did not help.  Will maybe need engineer (translation: husband) 's ideas tomorrow on how to fix.
Bedroom door fortunately just required tightening the screws but now the strike plate does not line up correctly so I have another project for the list.
strike plate is too high-no clue what happened here
Befuddles me how these things work just fine til you take them down.  Maybe it was the hardware stripping that did it.

Mini Project 2: Toilet bolts
We put in our new toilet a year ago March now.  all in, all secure, but no bolt caps.  And it's just ugly if you ask me.  and a pet peeve.  especially since we have such a pretty toilet.  So I took care of it and it took me less than 10 minutes. and I only broke one saw blade.  Just need a little adhesive to fully attach them now.
What our bathroom looks like with those ugly bolts showing all the time.  Sans the tools.  actually that is a lie because I would not find it weird to walk into our bathroom and find tools in there.  Would probably think nothing of it.  I heart home restoration.  Note folded toilet paper-this make me laugh and I promise, just did it for the picture, we are surely not tidy like that.  Nor do we have a maid.

Enter deco hex bolt cap. Purchased from Rejuvenation. I think that they were around 6 bucks a piece, maybe 4.  A far cry from the plastic crap they sell at the big box stores.  But of course I got them on sale-I am frugal and I rarely buy things full price. However, they only appear to sell these in stores and not online.   Speaking of Rejuvenation, they are having a bath sale right now but I believe it ends in the next few days so stock up if you have a bano remodel coming up.

Cap doesn't fit, expected this

So I broke off the first little bit with pliers but then had to saw the rest off

broke the blade sawing the second side but still was able to finish-yea team Skye!

doesn't it look sooo much better?  I think so.  and that fun little vintage metal can-an estate sale find for a few bucks that I got several years ago.  Still can't decide if I should spray it a new color but how I luv it so.


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