Friday, June 17, 2011

Mini gate goes in

One advantage of Steve's work place is getting to take half day Fridays during the summer (that is if he puts in his hours earlier in the week), so today he was home by two!  He got right to work (and I joined in once Ben went down for his nap) piecing together what he could on the large gate, finishing up the small fence area next to the chimney

and then taking on the tedious task of figuring out which pieces of wood that we have we still needed to use and what we needed to purchase.  We are hoping that this will be our last trudge out to Custom Cedar Products.
Anyways, a few pix of the progress this afternoon/tonight!  A well deserved glass of wine up next!
old gate removed, turned on side and acting as temporary dog barrier...we considered replacing the 4x4s but they are in concrete and that task just seemed like a little too much to take on right now-plus not worth messing with it since it is so close to the foundation of the casa
measuring the wire, marking with sharpie and then saw-sawing it up

hinges just about done (we picked these up from Mr Plywood today-nothin' special but they'll do the trick and are black like the rest of the hardware
We set up the gate to swing out towards the driveway and side of house and plan to figure out some sort of inconspicuous latch the we can use to keep it open when we want full access between the backyard and driveway.  It is temporarily bungeed shut to keep the pup in until the new latch arrives.
you can see the old gate in this pix-yuck!

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