Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fence Gate Hardware

I headed off to Winks hardware on SE Stark today to find some gate hardware for our fence since I was not so fond of what they offered at Home Depot.  I was so proud of myself for finding what I thought was an awesome latch (with the help of the staff, of course, who are so friendly and helpful).  What I found was an American made (score 2 extra points, right?) latch by Acorn company like the one below.
Acorn Thumb Latch Bean
However, when Steve got to looking at the latch tonight, he discovered that it would not work because it was not deep enough to go through our 4x4s.

Back to the drawing board.  Finding a good latch that was under $30 was too easy, right?

After hunting around the internet tonight, I found several latches that I really liked but spending over $75 (+ s and h) on a latch seems a little steep being that this fence is costing a ton (due to the clear cedar) and $75 seemed like too much to spend after finding a perfectly decent $25 latch.  Here is an example of a really nice arts and crafts-ish (but somehow a bit southwestern at the same time) latch that I found for $79 + $5 for the extra length needed to fit a 4x4 at Wild West Hardware

But then we came across this Suffolk Latch from Hinge and Latch:
not exactly the latch but very similar
We decided on this because it accommodates a 4x4 and will work nicely with the black hinges and post brackets.  And it was just $29.  I was also able to purchase an extra latch only piece for $15 that we will use when we rebuild the small gate that goes between the garage and house (we don't want Ben to have constant free reign of the driveway area and backyard).  So all together (after s+h), I spent $57 for two different latches instead of around $100 for just one.  Excited for it to arrive and get this fence finished!

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