Monday, June 20, 2011

And the Ben Pen is in action!

Steve spent father's day whippin' out the remainder of the fence and man, does it look awesome!

But this did not start before we hit up Pine State Biscuits on Alberta for breakfast sammies-yum! and of course, Steve had to open his father's day gift which included several 22oz craft beers, a super power weeder (have I ever mentioned that Steve LOVES to pick weeds?), and a handmade card with Ben scribbles inside. 

We just have a few last projects to be 100% done.
     1. put on gate hardware (it's on it's way to our casa as I type)
     2. stain this puppy-we have no clue what color to do so I need some help-anyone have any suggestions?
     3. put on copper caps with construction bond-this also entails making all the 4x4s the same height
     4. getting stronger springs for the wheels
     5. pouring concrete where the wheels hit as right now they go over the dirt (there are some      concrete and quartzite chunks in place for now. 

Wondering why we didn't just make life easier by having the gate open from the other side?  I thought that it would look better to have the gate hardware on the south side (side where the neighbor's and our driveway connect) and we usually have all of our trash cans on the other side by the chimney so I foresaw the future and getting quite frustrated each time I needed to move trash cans in order to go in and out of the gate.  Also, Steve rides his bike to/from work daily and usually comes up the south side of the driveway so it made sense to have it open from the south side.
It is supposed to be 85 tomorrow and I can't wait to test out the new set up. 

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