Friday, October 11, 2013

Mudroom Bids

Remember this project?  Yup.  Haven't forgotten about it.  Haven't even put it on the back burner.  Just S-l-o-w-l-y taking it on.  We don't move quickly on anything around these parts-at least on any house projects.

We actually took a whole bunch of your ideas and updated the design a bit.  So thanks!  The ideas were extremely helpful.

And then I got a few bids.  And wow-sers!  The price of custom cabinets and solid fir never ceases to put me in shock.  Took me a couple weeks to just process the price.  And that's with me staining it all.

But anyways, these are the designs that Joe from Dovetail Custom Woodworking (he did our kitchen) gave back to us. Love that he is doing the sketch-up style designs now.

Here's my question:  What do you think about the full length cabinet being the same depth as the bench seat?  Should it be 20" deep like the seat or just 14" deep like the upper cabinet?  I know I would love the extra storage that the extra depth would bring, but do you think it would look too strange aesthetically?

kiddo luvs his ice cream

little chubs in the Texas sun
And, oh yea, can't forget more kiddo cuteness.  Can you tell that the munchkins hog all of our time these days?  Also time hogging include that we went to Texas ya'll (left Ben behind hence he is not in the pool pix) and I'm back to work part-time.  I feel totally yay and nay about being back to work...good to have a break from full-time parenting but it is totally crazy at work.  However, I do feel so fortunate to have the ability to dabble in work while spending most of my time at home with my munchkins.
River Walk, San Antonio, TX

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