Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Mudroom" Sketch-Up

I finally got the time to start sketching up "mudroom" designs based off of the inspiration photos I posted several weeks ago.  The design above is what we are tending to like the best thus far.  However, I would love any input anyone has to give.
Here are some things I am questioning about the "mudroom"
  1. should we add a 1x6 at the base of the cabinet so it is similar to the rest of the built-ins throughout the house?
  2. should the large pull drawers at the bottom be real drawers or just tip down/out?
  3. On the large right side bank of cabinet doors (3 shown), should it be 3 doors or just two (one upper that will be the same size as the other upper cabinets and one lower)
  4. should that bank of cabinets as well as the upper bank come out as far as the seat-18" or more like 14-16"
I would love your opinions and any other ideas!

Outtake Drawings:
I love the idea of the baskets but I don't want any "junk" showing (stuff might hang out of the baskets) and I fear that the whole basket rage may be too trendy and not timeless
Like the ease that open shelves on the bottom would bring but I fear that it would always look messy.  We are trying to avoid messy in our front entry as much as possible.

Seemed too busy with the 3 drawers to the right


  1. What I wouldn't do for a mudroom! Not having one, the only thing I'd suggest (since I see shoes in your sketches) is either having metal liners built for the drawers, or sizing the drawers around store bought plastic bins so that damp shoes can be tossed in.

  2. I would put the 1x6 in the picture, it adds continuity to the house. I'm a huge fan of drawers, so I would put full extension heavy duty drawer glides on those bottom drawers. (Dimensions were a little hard to read, but don't make drawers any larger than 30 inches wide or they will have a tendancy to bind up.) If you are going to be tossing in wet footgear, be sure to add ventilation to those drawers. I like the look of the longer door, but that preference would be up to you. I'm with you on the basket trend, you can always have baskets behind the closed doors. If you anticipate wet things going into the closed storage, perhaps using perforated metal sheets for the panel part of the doors would offer some ventilation. Then you could use magnets on the doors. That could lead to a lot of visual clutter though. As for the depth, the backs of deep cabinets tend to be where clutter goes to die. Plus, it's a pain to get to the stuff in back.

    1. Thanks for the ideas. ventilation is a good call...will have to think of the best way to go about that. With you on the full extension drawers.