Thursday, October 10, 2013

No more splinters

Here's a little review on Home Depot's version of Deck & Concrete Restore.  It's called Behr Premium Deckover

Our rental home's deck was in sorry shape.  Below is a picture of the deck when we bought the house.  Since the picture, Steve had to replace 4 more boards (not cheap at $10/piece) and many more wouldn't have lasted through the winter.  It was one sorry huge deck (~400 sq. ft).  Our tenants let us know that they had gotten many many a splinter throughout the summer. 

So, we were left with several options:
  1. leave it be.  Have spangry (splinters+angry) tenants (not to be confused with hangry:)
  2.  tear out the deck and figure something else out.  lots of work and who knows what sort of animal skeletons we would unearth in the process
  3. fix/replace the deck
We have friends who used the Restore product on their dying deck with great results.  It looks good but we opted for the Behr line of product as it goes on slightly thinner and doesn't require you to use all the special rollers and stuff to apply it.  I thought it would more closely resemble paint or stain than the Restore product and might go on more easily as it is thinner.  You do have to clean it first with wood cleaner and let it dry well.
Since we didn't take this project on until late in the summer, we got cursed with rain, rain and more rain.  So our tenant (who is awesome) actually did everything.  While it cost a pretty penny at about $300 for the project, it is guaranteed to prolong the life of your dead deck by 10-12 years and it required no sweat work (other than a drained bank account) from us.  I wish I could accurately report the color we chose but can't-I think it was espresso or coffee or some lovely morning beverage. 
Wist I had more pictures but this is it-the tenant actually texted it.


  1. Aw c'mon.... Finding mummified animals is half the fun of working on older homes....