Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eclectic Vintage Little Boy's Room

While my sister is in town she also helped me restyle Ben's room.  He moved out of his crib and into a toddler bed about a year ago.  At that time, I made his room look a bit older and less baby-ish.  Hung a few things.  But then it all went to he** when we closed off his extra door this past winter/spring.

Ben's baby room, it was sooo sweet
 I have done nothing since then.  Over the last year I had also collected or pulled out of hoard boxes all kinds of fun knick-knacks and art pieces for his room. 

So my sister was kind enough to help me pull it all together. Best of all, I only spent about $5 on the 3M strips to hang everything.  (I also spent about $30 last year on fabric for his pillows and comforter cover.  His bed frame was about $75).
the sweet airplane paintings were found in the family hoard-how excited was I to unearth these about 6 months ago???  Steve's dad paid someone to paint these in the 60s.  I great homage to his love of the Airforce and WWII.  The bookcase comes from Steve's parents home. Ben and his grandpa love(d) books!

We purchased the long subway art while visiting NYC last spring and the picture frames are from Steve's parents home. 

The train was a birthday present from Ben's friend, Addie

Yup, I collected lunch boxes in my former life :)  The vintage books belonged to Steve

More finds from the family hoard.  I made the map letter "B" modge-podged onto a wooden B

I found the farm at an estate sale-I had the same one as a kid. Yup, still makes the pathetic "moo" when you open and close the doors

Steve's pup-luv!  Yes, our boy loves books!

some of Ben's lovies.  Elle, the elephant, is his fav; a gift from his cousin's W&H on his first birthday

owls hand carved from Germany, white owls made by Jason and tin puppy from an estate sale

love this wall as the signs were from my brothers' childhood room and the license plate belonged to me.  My parents purchased the table (it was taller but Steve trimmed the legs and added rubber feet) and chairs for Ben's second birthday.  I found the trash can at an estate sale and spray painted it.

Hand made burlap "Ben" and Rose City Park sign

the rocking chair belonged to Steve and his bro, the framed alpha signs were free online downloads, the rug was handed down to Ben by our neighbor's friend for free

love this little box...yellow B and BEN from Rejuv and other found family hoard items

Have you ever just had it all come together almost too easily and for almost free?  Don't you just love it when that happens?

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  1. Oh, you just took me back with the mooing little farm! I loved that. His room looks great.