Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nursery Updates

Lonely little owl vinyl decal from etsy
I have been wanting to spruce up the walls in Ben's wall for a while now but just haven't had the umph to do so.  Well, with trying to clean out the house and simplify, I came across a few things that I thought would do the trick. 
Joann's B-painted up white

I also fell in love with the wooden/cardboard/steel letters that I have been seeing in home decor these days-not so much bungalow, but super cute!  On a recent outing to Joanns ( I know, I am supposed to be reducing, right? -couldn't resist), I came across all different kinds of letters and picked up 3 ranging in size from ~6"-18".  The 18 incher didn't end up making the cut and thus got returned, but the other two are hanging happily above the changing table now.

I re-discovered a shadow box in my attic that my dear friend gave us as a wedding gift-it had our wedding invitation and a few other momentos in it....only problem was that it was white and did not fit with our decor so I had never put it up.  Well, I put some of Ben's momentos (first foot print, ultrasound pix, birth announcement, hospital ID bracelet) from his first couple months of life, along with one of the wooden B letters and a mini pair of socks that my grandma gave to me.  The socks were given to her when she was first married by the local sock maker/shoe repair man.  He had them as a display item in the store at one time, therefore making them probably almost as old as our house.  My grandma said that my dad's feet were too fat to ever put them on and Ben's were as well but they are so sweet and sentimental and I am so happy to have them displayed.

This little owl is no longer lonely.  Hoot! Hoot!

The last little grouping on the wall is two old door trim pieces.  I have looked all over Portland for these over the last month or so.  They did not have them at various antique shops, including Stars in Sellwood, nor did they have them at Rejuvenation or the Re-Building Center.  But they did have them at Old Portland Hardware (40th and SE Division)-an awesome place that I highly recommend you check out id you have not yet-independently owned shop with eclectic items, old hardware and other awesome things.
Ben with our neighbor Chella, taken last week-note lonely mirror on wall

On the wall by the big cushy chair in Ben's room, I had a circular (~18") 1940's mirror hanging.  It looked adorable but just needed a little more to it.  I have had a close to matching rectangular mirror that was made to lie flat on a vanity.  I have always wanted to group these together but just never had a place so up went the mirror-hung with metal plate hanging hardware. 

Next to that went the little antique baby porcelin baby bowl that used to be on the side table in Ben's room under the lamp.  It was perfect for chapstick and little what-nots in those early days of nursing but became eye candy to Ben when he started standing and was quickly removed.  I just love the little nursery rhyme on it. 
probably need to clean the small mirror, eh?

I luv that you can see his owl mobile (made by his auntie) & vintage bird prints in the mirror reflection

The last item was totally unexpected and was given to Ben Friday night by Steve's parents old next door neighbor.  Her and her daughter came up from Eugene to meet Ben and visit.   They gave him the cross-stitch that Steve's mom had made for her son in the early 90's.  This is just so precious to us being that Steve's mom died suddenly in a car accident just after we got engaged and therefore never got to experience the delight of grand-kids.  It is just so special.  I painted the frame to go a bit better with Ben's room today and up it went. 
taped it off

mixed some paint so not stark white

painted it (3 coats) and...
still need to get a pix for the frame he was given by his great-aunt, the B was a chance find at ikea, the block letters belonged to Steve's dad (same initials) and the owl was made by a friend-needs better organization but love the picture above
Steve stole this pix last week during nap time
 and Woot Hoot (hah)!  There it is!  Ben's room is hopefully done until he needs a big boy/more BOY room in a couple years

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  1. squeee!! I can has babeez now? Love it! I want to go vintage wild on a nursery someday... minus the lead paint! :)