Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ben's "Totery"

No longer a nursery, but not quite a tot room.  I think that Ben's room will be in constant transition over the next couple years.  While he still needs the changing table and crib and we like to read books in his rocker, he is a movin' machine and I had to complete the final pieces to baby proof his room.  Decided that I should probably do so before we left Ben last weekend for the first time (Steve's bro and wife, Amber stayed at our place with the Bubs while we went to Dallas for my friend's wedding)
think we had fun at the wedding?
Final baby proofing consisted of getting rid of the power strip that was by his rocking chair (he discovered it last week), moving the baby monitor (because of the cord and plug) to the top of the armoire (it is now plugged in behind the armoire) and removing the small side table and glass lamp (I know, glass is dangerous, but wasn't it just perfect in his room?). 

I also need to figure out why the closet door won't close any longer as it closed before we removed it to have our floors refinished 1 1/2 years ago.  Nothing dangerous in there but he really enjoys going in there and making a mess. lucky mom. 

I also decided to move the bookcase that was next to the armoire by the other bookcase to make sort of a reading nook per say.  It entailed scooting the crib a little closer to his bedroom door.  Makes going into his room a bit tighter but it still works.  This may not work forever because now the crib is just below the light switch-I think we will one night find a disco party going on in his room when he gets a little taller and discovers the magic of the switch.
yes, a mess, but what do you expect in a tot's room?  Just peeked in while Ben was napping to snap these shots

And my fun crafting project for last night was making some reading/snuggle pillows for Ben.  I decided that since he loves crawling and snuggling with Porter's (our beagle) dog beds, he would probably love some of his own.  However, I didn't want to spend any money, so I used what I had.  I found an extra throw pillow, extra down pillow and an ancient (belonged to Steve's parents years ago) large couch-cushion type thing up in our attic. I also had quite a bit of extra fabric from the owl quilt I made for Ben before he was born (you can sort of see on the chair in the pix above) as well as various pieces left over from baby quilts and other throw pillows I have made over the years.  So I got my craft on.  Measured the pillows, cut away using my rotary cutter and got my sew on!
Besides one hitch in the project--> I sewed wrong sides together which is a mistake I always make despite having sewn for over 20 years now

After an hour or sew, I completed 3 awesome (in my opinion), fun and fresh....and I might add super soft and snuggly) pillows for the bubs room.  I almost put them in his room last night but decided it would be against my best judgement to wake a sleeping tot :)
Of course, first thing this morning I had Ben test them out while he slurped down his am sippy of milk.
I think he approves
and here are the finished products:
the striped fabric is left over from the crib skirt, dark brown, green dot and blue dot from baby quilts, tan from a pillow and ribbon was on one of our wedding gifts...I had some velcro already that I used for closures

Pillow backs: green wave (vintage drapery fabric) and owl prints are left over from Ben's baby quilt and brown fabric is left over from baby quilt
Ben testing it out.   Tried it in his book nook but it just didn't work with the big rocking chair and bookshelves.  The door you see in the pix is the "extra" (both of our bedrooms have them) door that opens to the front entry way that we never use (would like to close off someday because of layout and noise).

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