Sunday, February 10, 2013

Plaster all finished

Thanks to John MacNab plastering, we have one more project crossed off the list. 



Ben's room finished by the end of day 1-he skimmed the whole wall so it would have a nice, even appearance

Ben's room again

front entryway

our bedroom
This is how the project looked on Monday night.  The blue is Plaster Weld-a coating that helps plaster bond to surfaces-needed as he was bonding to regular ol' drywall (not blue board, which is made for plaster) as well as paint.
wrong sand texture-too fine

sand texture used in our living room, dining room and entryway
John was finished with the plaster by Tuesday afternoon, however he realized (after completing the entryway and dining room) that he used the wrong sand texture for the plaster
Ben's room-all the skimmed plaster dried quickly but the plaster over the covered door area is still not dry.  Bummer as Steve was hoping to prime everything today.

our bedroom-a great match.  After completing most of the plaster patch, he went over the patch with a paint roller coated in plaster so that the texture of the walls would closely match the patch (the walls have many, many layers of paint on them)

So he returned Weds and finished up.  He was even kind enough to patch 2 cracks at no extra charge!  I would highly recommend John!

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  1. Isn't John great? I wish I had known about him when we finish coated the downstairs. The plaster finish is much more durable than the joint compound they used.