Monday, September 24, 2012

It's all framed up

Wanted to share my hubby's progress over the past two weekends...he has been one busy bee.  I am so impressed with him.  He managed to get all this done as well as start stripping the door frame for the basement door despite hurting his back in the process.  Everything is all framed up :)  Woot! 
the framed out rectangle will hold our "faux" ironing board like I talked about here  This is the back of the built-in and to the left is the door going into the kitchen

basement stairs doorway is framed

basement stairs wall all framed with access to underneath for storage

wall between dining room and kitchen

Now just a few more small projects before we are ready for plumbing and electrical. 

Here's our check-off list with a couple more items completed:
  1. finish framing
  2. re-install dining room built-in --this is half done
  3. rip out old floor
  4. patch large hole in floor (with studs) from old chimney
  5. install 1/2" ply subfloor
  6. electrical (that includes getting electrical bids)-hired out
  7. plumbing-hired out
  8. insulation
  9. drywall-hired out (we still need to get bids-is there anyone you can recommend?)
  10. new to us back door (purchase & install)
  11. frame out and install new basement door (we are using the door that went from our bedroom into the kitchen as it is in great condition)--half done
  12. put in gas line for stove
  13. put in vent duct work
  14. decide on pantry pull out shelving placement
  15. order dishwasher--> hoping to hit up labor day sales this weekend and score a deal
  16. order cabinet bin pulls 
  17. order hinges for cabinets
  18. order kitchen sink
  19. clean up basement so contractors have access-it is not only dangerous, but is one scary sight right now --half done

And a picture of the two little munchkins this morning.  It is Laurel's 2nd Birthday today so we rode the MAX train downtown (this is like going to Disneyland for them:) and met up with Steve and Laurel's mom for lunch.  I can't believe how big they are getting.

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