Thursday, August 2, 2012

Faux Built-In Ironing Board

as far as we know, our house never had one.  but it would have made sense if one was originally in our kitchen.  So we're gonna reincarnate it or something like that, by building one in as a spice rack.



I just couldn't resist this one-how much fun!


$5, will they honor that price now?


First for some inspiration.  How I have always loved thee.  Simple times.  Nothing to do but iron-yea right.  Not in love with any of these pix I found online.  Does anyone have any others they can share? There are some nice ones on google images but they have copyrights on them so I am unable to put them up here.

original kitchen sketch up by yours truly.  Note the large pantry to the left of the fridge.

More recent sketch.  At the time I drew it, I still thought there would be a little pull out spice cabinet ~4" wide to the left of the fridge.
I aspire to have a spice rack as uniform and organized as this

When tweaking the real CAD kitchen drawings, Steve realized that there is not room for the spice cabinet (there is only a couple inches to allow for the fridge door to open)-it needs around 6-8" with trim.  So, because I desperately want somewhere special for all my spices (and I hate those little revolving spice rack holders), Steve came up with the idea of building something into the wall.  And of course after he texted that thought to me, I began to think of how we could make it look historically appropriate and that is where the ironing board idea came in-YEA for brains working together for once.  So the plan in to have something built-in on the wall 90 degrees from the fridge-the same wall that shares the doorway from the dining room to kitchen.

in actuality, this is probably more what my spice rack will look like

but maybe I could do something fun with chalkboard paint like this

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