Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Officially Fall

Happy Fall Folks!

While I love summer sunshine and all the warm rays that come along with it, I love fall even more.  There is something so lovely about leaves crunching under your feet, the smell of the air after a crisp rain, tall boots, a fun coat and warm scarf.  Not to mention pumpkin spiced lattes. 

And I can't wait to decorate our porch for fall.  Not gonna lie-already bought some mums (although they have mostly died with the heat), a couple orange pansies and I even bought a few small gourds at the farmer's market last weekend.  It took everything in me not to buy a pumpkin at Trader Joe's last week :)  I'm sure I won't be able to resist when I go this week-hehe.

Some make-my-heart-sing fall pictures, all via pinterest.

Looks like it's nothing but fall dreaming around here despite leaves starting to fall as we have another week of high 70s/low 80s temps this week in Portland

Our little monster out at the patches last year

And Ben during his first fall in 2010-lil' bald man


  1. Fall is my favourite time of the year too! My mums are surviving even though I bought them early as well. But the temperature has fallen quite quickly here in the last two weeks, and they are loving that. I just saw pumpkins for sale this week - I may have to buy one soon too!