Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Check Check

Well, you saw my really long to-do list in my previous post.  In case you missed it, here it is-BUT with a couple things already checked off.  Hooray!

To prep for these cabinets to be installed, we have quite a bit of work to do:
  1. finish framing
  2. re-install dining room built-in
  3. rip out old floor
  4. patch large hole in floor (with studs) from old chimney
  5. install 1/2" ply subfloor
  6. electrical (that includes getting electrical bids)-hired out
  7. plumbing-hired out
  8. insulation
  9. drywall-hired out (we still need to get bids-is there anyone you can recommend?)
  10. new to us back door (purchase & install)
  11. frame out and install new basement door (we are using the door that went from our bedroom into the kitchen as it is in great condition)
  12. put in gas line for stove
  13. put in vent duct work
  14. decide on pantry pull out shelving placement
  15. order dishwasher--> hoping to hit up labor day sales this weekend and score a deal
  16. order cabinet bin pulls 
  17. order hinges for cabinets
  18. order kitchen sink
  19. clean up basement so contractors have access-it is not only dangerous, but is one scary sight right now 
I decided to spend some time researching Labor Day Sales and finalizing the Bosch dishwasher model that I wanted.  I found out that the Sears  Labor day Sale had already started and that the $1000 dishwasher that I wanted was marked down to ~$800.  Even though that seemed like a pretty sweet deal to me (the best deal I had previously found was $850), I decided to click around for some other coupons before clicking buy.  Anyways, also found that Lowe's had the dishwasher on sale and with a 10% coupon code I found online, it came down even more.
Which brought me to the sink ($715 retail)-why not hit two birds with one stone?  Really rack up those credit card points.

Anyways, here's how I came out.  Definitely did better on the dishwasher than the sink.  However, I am going to keep looking for a better sink price as I can always return the sink if I do find a better deal.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, we decided on the Kohler Anthem undermount sink & the Bosch 500 series built-in dishwasher that has a noise level of 46db (according to Steve this means really quiet) and adjustable top rack (vino anyone?).  Want to see what other dishwashers we were considering? Look here.  So many darned decisions.

You found any great deals lately?  I think that we have already saved about $3k on kitchen stuff by waiting for sales.  Now if only Rejuvenation put their bin pulls on sale...


  1. Good luck with that, the Rejuvenation sale I mean. They do offer a contractor discount, so you could have your contractor order them and then you go in and pay. That's what we did for our Rejuv hardware and lights. It saved us a measly 10%, but every little bit helps.

    1. I hope the sale brings good things... As far as the 10%, I have a friend who does lighting and has the discount so I plan to hit him up for it in exchange for coffee or some other treat if the sale fails me. :)