Friday, November 18, 2011

Appliances: Wash it babe, wash it

So I have been cooking a wee bit more than normal these past couple weeks, but don't think that means anything elaborate.  Means I have just been cooking full meals more nights than not.  Usually I do half-A** meals many nights (read Trader Joes already half-way done meals) or one pot meals.  Anyways, that always gets me dreaming kitchens.  Dreaming oven that actually keeps an accurate temperature and cleans itself.  A dishwasher that comes in form of machine, not person.  A sink that is under-mount and therefore drains water correctly.  A garbage disposal (although I do love our new composting in Portland and that majorly reduces my need for a disposal).
So I have started research again for our kitchen.  Husband even came up with a new kitchen plan that involves moving over our doorway to enter the kitchen but is a much better layout that seems to allow everything (such as all the appliances, including a bigger fridge and a dishwasher) to fit.  I was having major issues with it at first but now I am beginning to like it.  More on that soon.
So here are some pix of some period-appropriate (as if there is a thing for dishwashers)/retro-inspired appliances that I have found.  I think that we will be using all new appliances as I really really want the perks of modern (as in self-cleaning and energy star) appliances but would love to have the retro/vintage/old skool look as much as possible.

There are some awesome retro reproduction diswashers with panels on them. I think that I want to go with a dishwasher that just has a wood panel on the front that totally hides the dishwasher and makes it blend seamlessly in with the cabinetry (we are just starting to look into cabinet makers).  May purchase the ikea dishwasher (~$600) and have whomever makes our cabinets (not ikea), make us a panel to fit.  For some reason, every company thinks that they can charge more for dishwashers that need a panel-a dishwasher that they don't have to put a front on.  Go figure?  Maybe because the whole control panel is hidden on the top on dishwasher instead of built into the face?  Just know that this will be less than the options I put below and I believe look better as well.  From the research I have done, it appears that Whirlpool makes appliances for ikea and they are well rated by consumer reports.

Here are some other great dishwashers if you want people to be able to SEE your dishwasher or are adding a dishwasher to your otherwise original kitchen

The big Chill Dishwasher comes in so many cool colors.
$1700 for the full unit or $525 for just the panel
Aga Dishwasher (~$2000) I have never heard of this company but their products look really nice

Elmira stoveworks makes several different lines of dishwashers:

The turn of the century antique line ~$400 plus $175-$300 for all metal face

and the Northstar 1952 vintage line   ~$400

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  1. We're quite happy with our Miele Diamond from BASCO. It cost around $1200 (+ the panel). And it looks great under the wood panel.