Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Light Smights

On to more decisions.  While it is so fun making all these decisions for our new kitchen, it is also super overwhelming & exhausting. 

I just got an e-mail that Rejuvenation's Portland Store is having a sale over Labor day in their clearance section.  This of course got me thinking about all the things on my to-purchase list for Rejuvenation.  Of course most of those items are not in the clearance section, but hey, a new light might be. 
Shown above is our current light.  I really like it, except for the red.  This picture makes it look like it also has a yellow stripe, but really, just red with a thin black outline.  Rejuvenation doesn't even carry the shade we have anymore.  Anyways, I would like to keep the fixture (Rejuvenation's Rose City)  if at all possible, but I am not totally committed to it.  I also already have a matching fixture (Rejuvenation's Upshur) for over the sink that I could use.  But not committed.  Just trying to save some change.



Here are some ideas that I have-maybe I could even score one at the Rejuvenation sale!

School House Electric

Do you have any other great lighting ideas for our kitchen? Maybe something fun and Industrial?-I know that Barn Light Electric has a great selection.  Maybe something that adds a little *surprise* to our otherwise very classically bungalow kitchen? -we have a center light and one over the sink/window.   Anything outside the itty bitty box of ideas I have so far.  IDEAS, PLEASE!

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