Monday, August 27, 2012

Cabinet maker booked!

I am excited to report that more kitchen progress has been made.  After getting the last of the 4 cabinets bids back last Tuesday, we booked a cabinet maker on Wednesday and laid down a fat deposit.  I don't want to share names of any of the contractors we have chosen until we have the finished products installed, so you'll have to wait a bit on that.  But we are super excited as this cabinet maker is pretty much a one man show, came highly recommended (thanks Kirsten:) and came in with a very fair bid.  He is in the process of making a detailed 2D sketch of our kitchen.  Then he will come over to our place, finalize details and we'll sign off.  The cabinets should be all finished in about a month, so we need to get our booties in action.  

To prep for these cabinets to be installed, we have quite a bit of work to do:
  1. finish framing
  2. re-install dining room built-in
  3. rip out old floor
  4. patch large hole in floor (with studs) from old chimney
  5. install 1/2" ply subfloor
  6. electrical (that includes getting electrical bids)-hired out
  7. plumbing-hired out
  8. insulation
  9. drywall-hired out (we still need to get bids-is there anyone you can recommend?)
  10. new to us back door (purchase & install)
  11. frame out and install new basement door (we are using the door that went from our bedroom into the kitchen as it is in great condition)
  12. put in gas line for stove
  13. put in vent duct work
  14. decide on pantry pull out shelving placement
  15. order dishwasher--> hoping to hit up labor day sales this weekend and score a deal
  16. order cabinet bin pulls 
  17. order hinges for cabinets
  18. order kitchen sink
  19. clean up basement so contractors have access-it is one scary sight right now
     Unfortunately, most of this is work that Steve will have to complete.  He is thinking he may need to take a vacation day or two in the next couple weeks to get everything finished up.  Its a ton of work but I think we are saving about 8k but doing this all ourselves...well worth it for the savings. 

We drove (I know, it was awful-especially with a 2 year-old that we are in the middle of potty training.  Picture "Mommy, I need to go potty" & high tailing it to the closest dirt road off the highway (don't worry, we had a potty seat in the trunk).  All I can say, is thank god for our computer & DVDs) to the Bay area this last weekend and got to attend our close friends' wedding.  We also got to visit a few friends in the Sacramento area.  Steve was a groomsman and Ben was the Ring Bearer.  IT was totally awesome.  Great friends, food, amazing libations.  I have fun pictures to share but need to upload them all first.   Here are a few iphone pix of some cute bungalows I saw in Santa Rosa.  Our friends stayed at the bungalow shown in the first two pictures-the wood floors inside had the most amazing inset designs...wish I had snapped pix.  

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