Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Baby Sister's Room

Well, I am just a few days away from the big D-Day (due date) so I thought I would share a few pictures.  I can't believe we put this room together in pretty much 2 weekends.  Totally crazy.  Started it all about 5 weeks ago when we moved out of our room to the basement (still need to share pictures of what our lair looks like).

We (or more like Steve) encountered a lot more work than we expected.  There was quite a bit of plaster patching as well as sanding of trim and baseboards.  We decided to caulk around more of the trim to make it look smooth.  In addition, we added detail cap mould to the windows and doors and added back the picture rail.
Started with one paint color-it looked super silver and yuck so we ended up totally repainting the room-oh well, you live, you learn.  Painted the ceilings as well.  Happy to report that because we used all low/no VOC paint with the exception of the trim (it just doesn't hold up), the room never had the stinky paint scent. 

I think the room turned out great being the short amount of time we had to throw it together and the minimal cost incurred.I purchased the shades (~$75 for two) as well as the materials (~$30) for the poofs hung over the chair.  The chair was originally in Ben's room and I had purchased as extra cream slip cover for it when Ben was born (but never used it).  The chandelier (I lurv it!) was from our rental house so it was F-R-E-E!-original to the 1940s.  The pillow consisted of fabric left over from the crib skirt that I made ($30), a $.77 bottle of gold paint and an $8 insert.

I had all of the frames so that project was free.  I printed the bird cage print for free as I found it on the internet and photo-shopped the flamingo print.  It says "Live in the sunshine, Swim in the Sea, Drink in the wild air." (Ralph Waldo Emerson).  I made the "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" stitching since I just love Mr. Rogers.   The circles wrapped in fabric were $4 for 3 at ikea and the fabric is leftover from the quilt I am still making for baby sister.
With the exception of purchasing one of the peacock cubes (the other was a gift), I purchased nothing in this picture.  We bought the Ikea bookcase to use in Ben's room but it never worked out so it has been in the basement ever since.  My dad (amazingly) found the awesome brass quails in the attic of our rental along with some other super cool brass items from the 40s.  All the white ikea frames were decorated by friends at my baby shower-so sweet!  And the little ceramic bird?  It was in a flower arrangement that Steve's grandma received when his dad was born.

And the awesome bird mobile?  Made by my sister-in-law for baby sister.  Steve assembled it using drift wood we collected on the beach last year.   

And there it is.  Now just to wait for this little lady to arrive.  That's my belly as of today-38.5 weeks along :)  I can barely see my toes at this point.

These are pictures my sister-in-law took 2.5 weeks ago!  They turned out awesome!


  1. There is no photo here, but congrats on your new baby girl!

    1. I love her room...perfect for a little girl! The chandelier is gorgeous! Lovely family photos...you look great!!