Friday, May 17, 2013

Mama got strong pheromones

The mama bee that is.   
So, of course I posted a picture with " HELP" to Facebook as soon as I came home to the bee madness. Within 5 mins, a friend posted a link to local beekeepers ( that will come and relocate your bees for free. 
I called Glen who happens to only be a couple miles from our house. 
He showed up within 20 minutes. He basically shook ( b/c I asked him not to cut the branch) the bees off the tree into a bee box. Then the bees got all angry and stung him at least 3 times so he put on his mask.  He used a brush to brush more off the tree and also clipped off a few small branches. 
He said that the bees will know that the swarm/queen/their home has moved and by nightfall they should all march right into the box.  The picture shows the bees marching in at the hole in the bottom. He said it was a big swarm-10-12k!!!  Not what I want in my front yard. 
Other super cool things about this is that A. Saving bees
B. supporting local business-a bee keeper
C. He sells locally-Alberta co-op and Pips donuts to name a few!

Oh and he said to keep his number handy, it is common for another swarm to appear 


  1. I'm so glad you didn't kill them. Yay, glen!

    1. Yes, I didn't want to kill them but wasn't sure what to do/who to call. I was afraid kids walking home from school would get stung.

  2. I have a ridiculous fear of bees. That would have been a heart thumping find for me. So glad you found someone to come take care of them for you.