Monday, April 15, 2013

Baby Sister's room-patch, plaster, priming phase

Well, this weekend we made some great progress.  We greeted the weekend by fueling up with some Case Study Coffee and Bridgetown Bagels and then got to work.  First up, we loaded our car (wish I had a picture) completely with baby stuff for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law that we have had since their shower that was at our house in early March as well as a rocking chair that we don't need.  Then Steve and his brother moved all of our bedroom furniture to the basement.  Next, they loaded a dresser (an Ethan Allen dresser that belonged to Steve when he was young) that we don't need into Steve's brother's car for their nursery. 
We were left with a much lighter house and an empty bedroom.

Steve was a rock star and got to work while I went to run baby errands with my sis-in-law.
We initially thought he would only need to patch two little spots where the plaster was in poor repair. 

Boy were we wrong.  Steve found multiple spots where the plaster just started to crumble when he touched the wall or removed picture rail.  He removed the picture rail as we forgot to allot for the detail trim over the doors and windows when we installed the picture rail.  The picture rail probably need to be ~1/4" lower.  We plan to put in the trim detail above the doors and windows before baby sister arrives. 
Steve has now patched all the areas where the plaster was majorly failing (we hope anyways).  He has also primed everything (including where we closed off a door to the kitchen-shown above) except one last area he patched last night. 

To repair the plaster, Steve first would scrape out the plaster/paint until it stopped falling away from the wall, then he applied pink plaster weld to the wall and let it dry.  Then he mixed up a small amount of plaster with water until it was sort of the consistency of pancake batter-just thin enough that it won't majorly drip.  He applied it in thin layers using a large metal plaster trowel. 

Not a fun project but much needed.  Hopefully we will have the ceilings and walls all painted and ready to be filled (even if the trim work isn't complete) by the end of next weekend. 

I hope to get you some pictures of our lovely basement lair in the next couple days.

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