Friday, April 12, 2013

Piecing it back together.

Last weekend I hit 32 weeks-where has the last 7.5 months gone?
With this baby's arrival quickly approaching, Steve and I decided that we better get back to work on a few projects.  We definitely haven't been moving quickly as our time continues to be consumed with selling off the family hoard (yes, we are still working on it-will it ever end?  DOUBTFUL), a trip to visit my family in LA a too many other little things to even list. 
just added back the side and upper trim-all new as the old pieces weren't long enough, unfortunately

we still need to add the left piece but we are trying the figure out the best way to fit it around the bottom two treads that protrude into where the trim will be

view from upstairs-you can see all the baby stuff that we have been storing for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law since early March.  Their nursery is finally complete so we plan to deliver all of it (plus a rocker and a dresser we don't use) tomorrow
Anyways, here is our dining room/stairwell trim progress as of two weeks ago.  We haven't done anything since then as we had Ben's 3rd birthday last weekend and now we are going to focus our energy on moving to the basement and painting/putting together our room for baby sister to use. 

MY BFF, Katie, and I got to take Ben to Disneyland one afternoon while we were in LA-we got in free thru a friend.  It was awesome and Ben was in heaven!  Funny how 2 year-olds and pregnant ladies can go on all the same rides!

30 weeks, my BFF and I are due 2 days apart, she is having a boy so it was the first real together picture for the betrothed

had to put in a picture of my sister's awesome original 1936 house...where we threw Katie her baby shower

The baby shower went really well and Katie scored on baby loot!

My grandma with my dad and aunt.  We were celebrating her 94th birthday, my nephew, Will's birthday and Ben's birthday.  It was a really special day as my grandma is now in her last few days of life.  It was her last time leaving her home

the cousins with great-grandma

Enjoying the cherry blossoms on the river

decorating his ice cream cone cupcake

And my big 3 year-old Ben with his posse at his ice cream birthday party last weekend. 

Sorry for all the family and friend pix, this blog is also a way I stay connected with family :)  I hope to have more home posts coming in the next few weeks before baby sister's arrival. 

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