Friday, February 22, 2013


I mentioned a couple days ago that we just got back from a little R&R vacation.  We wanted to go somewhere that we hadn't been (well, we both went to Victoria B.C. about 20 years ago-are we really that old?) and that was within driving distance so we chose Port Townsend & Victoria.  Port Townsend as I had never been there and Steve's great uncle lived there so we thought that it would be fun to check out.  Victoria so that Ben could have his first adventure outside of the country.  We lucked out as it was chilly but only brief rain showers the first morning in Victoria, otherwise we scored dry weather. 

We drove up Thursday late afternoon after Ben got home from preschool and I got off of work.  About half way up, I all of the sudden muttered "oh sh**.  Turn around."  I realized that I had forgotten the passports (Ben just needed a birth certificate).  Luckily, our neighbor (who is awesome) took pity on my preggo brain and over-nighted them to us so that we were still able to go to Victoria. 

* all these pictures are from google images.  For some reason, I forgot to take any pictures of the Victorian homes.  The bottom picture is of the court house.

We spent the first two nights in Port Townsend.  We basically just mosied about town, drove by his great uncle's old home and admired the gorgeous Victorian homes.  We also spent a bit of time in the heated indoor pool at the motel (the reason why we stayed in a motel vs a gorgeous Victorian B&B).  I'll actually admit that I just stuck my feet in the hot tub while Ben and Steve played in the pool.  I'm a chicken when it comes to water that is the slightest bit cold-you wouldn't know that I used to swim in the ocean daily during my junior high summers-brrrr. 

the view was gorgeous from the Fort

lighthouse on the Fort-I *heart* lighthouses

one of the houses on the property-there were many and most were much nicer than this one.  Note the high leaded glass window on the house in the background.  Guess they spared no expense back in the day. :)
 We also hiked around Fort Worden one afternoon. 

 Some of the local houses.

 Enjoying the beach.

 Yummy italian food

 The Empress

 Ben became shy when we asked some random people to take out pic
 Crazy to watch a seagull eat a live crab-poor crab :(

Victoria was gorgeous.  We walked around a ton and again I loved looking at all the gorgeous old buildings.

The ferry ride back to Port Angeles-the sunset was so pretty.  And the little man was sooo cute!

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  1. What a fun, family getaway! Victoria looks beautiful!