Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paint is up

We decided to high tail it out of town over most of Presidents' Day weekend, but while I was at work Thursday and Ben was at school, Steve got the newly plastered walls all primed. And when we got home on Monday, he was able to paint the walls and ceilings in the entryway, dining room, stairwell and Ben's room.

Steve forgot to prime the wall in our room, however, it is just as well. I figure we can save all the painting in our room until sometime in April when we move down to the basement and start transforming the room for baby girl.

For anyone weary about the fumes, we used mostly low voc paint. The wall paint in the dining room and entry are not low voc, however, as we already had the paint from when we first moved in. However, I don't recall even having the option of low voc paint 6 years ago.

Ben's room

paint colors we used are as follows:
-Ceilings thoughout the house: classic light buff from Sherwin Williams historic color palette
-Entry and dining room: Birdseye maple from Sherwin Williams historic color palette
-Ben's room: marrett apple from Miller's historic color palette (the pictures have done a terrible job representing the real color
-Stairway: Sherwin Williams White Hyacinth

Next up? I am hoping that we can get some of the trim back up in the dining room before we host my sister-in-law's baby shower next weekend.   Extra bonus? Finally install our wretched dishwasher panel (it's really not bad, it's just one of those tasks we have been putting off for way too long).

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