Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Little Privacy Please

A few years ago we decided we wanted a little privacy in our living room and dining room so I went about on a lengthy expedition for the "perfect" shears.  I ended up finding some awesome ones at Restoration Hardware-they were super long shear silk panels that I was able to cut apart to make into 6 smaller panels for our dining room and living room panels.

Well, here is what is left of them.  The ones in the dining room were tossed long ago as they started disintegrating in our fingers when we touched them.  I guess I'm no refined gal as I had no idea that silk disintegrated when exposed to the sun.  I brought them back to Restoration Hardware as they hadn't lasted more than a couple years and they were pricey-I think I spent around $80 on sale for 2 panels.  They have an awesome return policy as they couldn't find them in the system but still found a way to give me a $30 store credit.

Anyways, I have been searching for fabric to make new shears for I think over a year now.  I found some decent panels at Target that I once again cut apart and sewed into shears, however I got them up and it was a no go.  They were not quite shear enough (we still like to be able to see outside a bit) and I did a terrible job sewing them so they were not even at all.

Anyways, when on a fabric hunt with my sister-in-law for her twin boys a few weeks ago, I came across some awesome shear fabric at Mill End Fabric Store on Hwy 99.  For only about $30, I was able to get enough fabric for the 2 sets of windows and quite a bit of extra. 

This time, I decided that I wasn't going to mess around with ruining curtains, so I emailed my awesome aunt , who is a wonderful seamstress, and she agreed to make new panels if I mailed her the fabric and a diagram. 

We got them in the mail yesterday and when I showed them to Ben, he replied "wow, mom there are no holes in them".  I guess u should know your curtains are really bad when your not even 3 year old comments on their demise. Anyways, they are just perfectly bungalow and off-white for me, the right amount of shear, texture and pattern.  And they are straight thanks to my aunt!  Another bonus, totally washable as they are a cotton poly blend.  I washed the fabric before mailing it just in case it shrunk.

And new curtains just in time for the baby shower next week!


  1. it's "sheers"
    "shears" are scissors
    ah the wonders of spellcheck ;-O

  2. Restoration Hardware is appauling. They had a defective batch and found a way to refund you a measly $30!?!? Some background - I have just found your post today. I tried to google the product name as I have the exact same silk sheer panels - never washed or dry cleaned - disintegrated way worse than yours in just a few months. They saw no sun as there is no sun where I am in winter. Paid full price for 8 panels. Stopped at RH store today and did not have a receipt - they will not do anything without a receipt - and they couldn't even find it in their database as the drapes are always shipped from their warehouse. Other stuff I bought like pricey linen sheets (named 'belgian linen' made or sawn in China) also disintegrated in 8 months, wth? Restoration Hardware customer service is the worst. Shouldn't we expect a full refund or an equal exchange? Shouldn't we expect quality from RH? Shouldnt' RH keep better database of their product other than a canned "couldn't find them in the system"!?! Restoration Hardware quality is abset in many products I purchased. :) Can you tell I am pretty mad? Thank you for your wonderful blog post and allowing the comments. Your new curtains are great btw!

  3. I'm really sorry to hear that you have had that experience.