Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Retro Kitchen

My friend Chris has a stellar 1941 home in Laurelhurst. 

Here's how the kitchen looked when he bought it.
linoleum counters, pretty but a lot of yellow going on and not durable

He writes: The old counters from 1940 were laminate with a coved linoleum toward the back. These 70's or 80's counters were some kind of laminate with the coving removed. 5 years ago we went with all linoleum but there were issues with water damage near the sink. This newest rendition is laminate by Wilsonart. The materials were just shy of $100 and the labor to install was just under $200. I reused all the trim and the original is just under the laminate. They key to making laminate not look like shit is the metal border. No 80's wood
new sexy black laminate

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