Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chris, lighting extraordinaire!

I think that I have mentioned my awesome friend Chris before but not sure.  Anyways, I lived with Chris when I first moved to Oregon 5 years ago.  I had just finished grad-school and needed a place to live just before Steve and I got married (he moved up before me and was living in his bro's already full house (it was a gorgeous bungalow on 12th and Taylor in SE that Sally Struthers lived in way back when--just picture all original stain, and Englenook and need for lots of TLC by non-renters)).
       Steve's brother had this friend Chris who wanted a short-term roomie and, well, it just worked.  So I arrived and Chris happened to be at Steve and his bro's house and that's how we met.  Been friends ever since.  Lived with him until our (Steve & mine) house closed one month before Steve and I got married.
       And Chris loves old houses and all things old just as much more than I.  In fact, he worked at Rejuvenation for years and quit just when I met him in order to start his own business.  While Chris primarily sells on ebay (look him up-Hard to Find Houseparts), he also does house consults and will look for hard to find things if you need it.  He has done pretty much all of our house lighting and then some for us and he is A-Mazing!  He also has his own little blog about old photos.
I swear I have a point in this blog post.
Well, last Saturday was the Division Street Street Fair.  In conjunction, Bret from Old Portland Hardware on 40th and Division (you should totally check this place out if you haven't because it is truly awesome & also houses the store Portland Vintage Plumbing) put on a salvage & vintage parking lot sale.  Well, Chris, my sis-in-law and friend and me shared a booth.  I was able to sell a few vintage wares that I just have not used (yea-more things purged).  Chris sold tons of super cool things (I should have taken pictures) but I fell in love with a really cool craftsman light that he had.  I texted Steve a picture despite pretty much already buying it.
  The light fixture came re-wired with cloth wire by Chris himself and ready to hang bare (bulbed that is).  However, he agreed to find me some cool fitters and shades and I hope to put it up in our hallway, replacing our currently pretty cool but not as cool as I'd like halophane (sp?) shade light.  Here's the terrible pix of it that I texted Steve on Saturday but hopefully there will be some better pix of it all hung up soon :)
I realize that this light is all square and the rest of the lights in our home are circular but I love it none-the-less and had to have it & P.S. don't u just love hate that creepy velvet painting of the cat-ish thing on the bottom left?-ha!  makes me laugh and want to run in fear all at the same time)
I hope to post soon about some of the cool lights he has put together for us.

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