Sunday, January 17, 2010

My talented Aunt!

I purchased embroidery kits by Ann Wallace over a year ago when they were on sale to make an arts and crafts runner and pillow for our home along with another kit to make a pillow for my sister's home.  Well, I did this thinking it would be a great way to exert my creativity as well as save a bunch of money being that the finished pillows cost ~$100 each. forward over a year with a 1/3 way done pillow for my sister that looks terrible.  Anyways, my generous and extremely talented aunt offered to make them for me and did so in less than a week including shipping time.  Anyways, here are pictures of the finished products (I did sew the back and zipper onto the pillow myself)-I am ready to mail her my sister's pillow as well as design and mail her materials to make another pillow for our living room.

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