Monday, November 5, 2012

No longer trecherous and fa-ugly

So the new stairs are in and we luv em.  I guess that the word luv is becoming a trend in my posts with everything new going on in this joint.  While the stairs still need a few tweaks (our stair dude will be back later this week), they are almost complete. 

Just a glance back at the old stairs.  They were a lot worse than they look.  You should have seen how they were attached-just to the skirt boards, no stringers-eek!
The stair guy will be back to patch some gaps between the stairs and the skirt boards (due to the bow in the skirt board) and to replace the second to bottom stair riser as the color difference on the lower half is driving me nuts. 
After that, we need to patch the nail holes in the skirt boards, touch up some of the stain work/polyurethane, paint the walls, add the detail piece that goes on the top of the skirt boards and add a hand rail.
After we have the plaster fixed in the dining room, we will add all the trim that goes around the stairwell entrance (a bit of a bigger project being that in addition to the plaster work, we need to purchase, cut and stain all the wood before installing).  Luckily none of it needs to be done right away as the stairs are functional as is.  :)


  1. Wowee! Those stairs are divine. We need to redo our basement steps and I'm scared to see how large that project will become.

    1. Thanks! We love them. Hopefully you can keep the same area and just rebuild the stairs part-a lot of work but very manageable. We love the marmoleum-it looks so clean and is so durable!