Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cabinets are set

The cabinets are all in and we're ready for paint.  We L-O-V-E them!  Our cabinet guy is going to drop off the doors so that the painter can take them off site for painting.  This should ensure a lovely smooth finish.

We should have the cabinets painted by the end of the week and, *cross your fingers* we might even get the granite installed on Friday.  The company came out and templated for them on Friday.  Then we'll just need to put on the cabinet doors/hardware, get back splash, have the plumber hook up plumbing, install appliances and finish up the electrical.  Should be all finished in time for Turkey Day!

Steve has been feverishly stripping paint off of the back door frame and the window (at least the pieces he couldn't remove, like the sill).  I spent the larger part of the morning gathering all the trim wood we need for the doors, window and baseboards.  Came in at under $200 which isn't too bad.

Steve spent yesterday morning also stripping paint (have I ever mentioned it's tedious beyond belief) and then we went over to Steve's brother's home in the afternoon to watch the Oregon Ducks beat USC and move up the college football ranks!

Here are a few pictures of Ben & his friend Addie from Halloween!  As you can see, he was not feeling super photogenic.  We decided against our normal Halloween open house and outside decor with the chaos of the kitchen remodel, but we still had a blast!


  1. Oh my GOSH!!! I can't believe how far you guys have come and how close you are. Watching the progress makes me so excited to see it finished. Can't wait to see the paint!

  2. That is looking great! Can't wait to see them all painted up with counters installed. Great work!

  3. LOVE the progress! Who are you guys using for your granite?

    1. Paulsons Flooring. Their price was about 1/3 less than another quote we got. They contract out through other installers. They were able to schedule templating within a couple days of my call and they are able to install 1-1 1/2 weeks after templating. :)

  4. The cabinets look fabulous--though I can't figure out how you can bring yourself to paint them! Even that paint-grade wood is pretty. =)