Monday, November 12, 2012

A Peek

Well, you are all probably expecting some pictures of painted cabinets-it is not the case:).
But that is ok
When our cabinet builder was installing last week, we discovered (more like HE discovered) that the 3 sets of double cabinet doors (below sink, above fridge and above range) did not get built with the center divide piece. He had drawn some with that piece and some without in the shop drawings and no one had caught the mistake.
He offered to remake them and we accepted as we realized that having them without this piece would probably drive us crazy over time.
We also hadn't finished trim work in the kitchen- or, let's be honest, even started. AND since our painter offered to paint the trim at no extra cost, we knew we would be stupid not to have the trim up when he came to paint.
Hence no paint.
But worth the delay to us.
So Steve took work off Friday and got most of the trim complete while Joe, our cabinet builder,  finished up installing.
While delays can be frustrating, you have to be patient and I am so glad that we delayed.
The painter came this morning and prepped everything-he will be back tomorrow for priming and Wednesday to finish up, granite Friday and tile the week of thanksgiving!  We just need to hire the plumber and electrician to finish up.

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