Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Light, Glorious Light

Our awesome electrician (who typically does commercial work but takes on side jobs from time to time-contact me for his info if you are looking for an electrician-his hourly price is great and he's very trustworthy) was over on Sunday and finished up almost all the lighting.  We are pretty excited!

Enter new gorgeous lights.  Well, not totally new.  The over sink and main fixtures were purchased by me in seconds at Rejuvenation about 6 years ago (you think I jumped the gun just a bit?) for super cheap.  We have used the main fixture for the past 5 years so I just cleaned and shined that baby up like new. 

The light by the back door/basement stairs was purchased just a few weeks ago from Rejuvenation when they were having a 20% off sale on their classic light fixtures. 

All the shades are from School House Electric, a splurge but I think it was well worth the money.


  1. I think lights totally make a room - such pretty pendents!

    1. I agree:). Lights and hardware do it for me!