Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hark! We have tile!

The tile is in and it is so awesome.  Just standard dal subway tile but I love the clean look.  The grout is a medium grey-I wish I could remember the color but can't recall right now.  I will ask the tile guy when he comes back to caulk.  He can't caulk yet as the granite by the range is still not fixed.

In fact, as of a couple hours ago, the granite company still had not called us back so I called them once again.  They had us on the schedule for tomorrow but never bothered to call and tell us.  Lovely.  And by tomorrow, it really could be any time tomorrow, probably not super early, so I guess they just think that I sit on my bum eating bon bons at home all day.  Less than thrilled.  I informed the man that I will not be making full payment at the end.  The question is, how much should I pay them?  I have already deposited half.  They have not destroyed my kitchen.  But I have probably called them over 15 times to schedule this stuff.  In my mind, I should have only had to call them to return a phone call from them.  I have already carved out my schedule to be here for templating (they were late), install (they had to take it out because it was done wrong) and then my brother in law had to be "on call" all day last week when he had friends in town and then be at our house for 3 hours. I will be "on call" all day tomorrow and then need to be home one additional time when they come to install the new pieces.  In addition, they were deceptive as they chipped the granite and thought it would be acceptable/I wouldn't notice if they just patched it.  They also forgot to drill for the sprayer so now our plumber has to do extra work to accommodate that until the hole is drilled.  How much should I take off the bill for all my time, inconvenience and pushing our project being completed off a few weeks?

But back to our lovely TILEWe used Reiner tile and Stone. Barrett is primarily a one man show. The nicest guy-his tiling is art and engineering combined. He is super meticulous and precise which works for us with Steve being an engineer and me liking things pretty. Plus, he loves to chat about anything from biking to the latest on NPR. Anyways, he also did our fireplace tile about 4 years ago. Give Him a ring- you'll love him. Barrett @ 503-956-1856.

He also will do maintenance on tile that you have weather it be grout chips, replacement, caulking or sealing.  We actually had a couple spots in our bathroom that never had grout put in and one place where the grout had chipped after only 2 years (what we get for choosing the cheap tile person for our bathroom) and he was able to repair it for us quickly-it looks great.

And of course some pictures of Ben being adorable in the tub earlier this week!  He is getting so big-it just kills me.


  1. My 2 cents: If, at the end of the installation, they have completed all the work they said they would and quality is acceptable, I believe you should pay them full price. I understand that it has been inconvenient and frustrating, but I don't think you should pay them less because of it.

  2. Nice, though it's a shame about those electrical outlets not lining up.

    1. The not lining up is our fault. A novice mistake. We measured them multiple times, thinkin they would line up with the tile, but we were off somehow. Oh well.

    2. Well, the backsplash still looks wonderful. I'm sure once it's finished, you won't notice.

  3. Your kitchen is going to be lovely and hopefully the bad memories about the granite company will fade quickly. Here's what I would suggest in regard to reducing your final payment. Figure out how much missed pay you would have, even if you were able to make up the time or use vacation, for the extra time you have to be at the house. Even making additional phonecalls during the day takes away from your hours spent at your job. Also figure out how much extra your plumber is going to charge you for drilling the extra hole in the counter, any extra trips anyone else would have to make because of the delay from the granite. I would go as far as detailing that out with your final payment. Make sure you keep a copy of whatever you sent them for you records. This is what I would do but I am not a legal expert.