Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Fail in the Granite Department

I had hoped to post today that the plumber has come and gone and the kitchen is done but sadly not the case. 

The granite saga continues.   My brother-in-law was kind enough to come over to our house the afternoon before Turkey Day (we were in LA visiting my family) and wait here for 3 hours (with his friends that were visiting) while the granite people came and re-installed the granite after hacking off 1/2" from the back.  They did a great job on that.

However, after getting back in town late Friday night and inspecting the counters on Saturday we noticed that a couple things were done wrong.
  1. they did not drill for our sprayer despite a. me talking to them and confirming that they would b. marking "sprayer" over the hole for the sprayer with bright green painters tape 3. leaving the sprayer on the counter next to the hole
  2. They definitely chipped two corners of the granite and tried (AND MISERABLY FAILED) to patch it, probably hoping that we would not notice.  You can easily see the chips above-they are right by the range and would be visible-one you see each time you walk into the kitchen.
  3. As you can also see in the picture, they cut the granite wrong.  They cut the pieces on each side of the range are too narrow.  You can see that the in-fill job looks less than stellar. Does not work for peeps that pay attention to detail.
So once again, total fail and back to the drawing board.
Needless to say, I do not recommend Paulson's Flooring for counters.  They did, however, do an awesome job on our floors.  guess the name says it all.
However, good news, our tile guy, who is super cool, just arrived and is at least going to tile our sink wall for us as that granite is good to go.  Therefore, we still should be good to get our plumbing finished up tomorrow, that which I am very thankful for.  

Hope you all had a great Turkey Day and have a belly to show for it.  :) 


  1. Wow, I guess I'll stick with our expensive stone place that did a perfect job. I hope you leave online reviews for them.

    1. once I am done with this whole fiasco, I will. Good idea.

  2. It will come together! Setbacks are all part of the journey:). Who do you use for tile?

    1. We used Reiner tile and stone. Barrett is primarily a one man show. The nicest guy-his tiling is art and engineering combined. He is super meticulous and precise which works for us with Steve being an engineer and me liking things pretty. Plus, he lives to chat about anything from biking to the latest on NPR. Anyways, he also did our fireplace tile about 4 years ago. Give Him a ring- you'll love him. Barrett @ 503-956-1856.

  3. Are they going to replace your counters ?