Monday, September 17, 2012

Signed Sealed Delivered

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Last night Steve and I finished reviewing the final kitchen plans.  Pretty much everything was just how we wanted it....just a few minor revisions and also a few decisions that our cabinet dude had asked us to clarify.  So while this is oh so cool, I also am a little anxious being that this is it.  No more kitchen dreaming here.  No more changes.  Yikes!!!  Hopefully all the "research" slash picture browsing slash daydreaming will all pay off. 


If you notice on the first picture, I have written on in the hood vent area that the design is undecided.  This brings me to my next question....what design should we use for the hood?

cabinet doors glued on via
He drew it up to have two panels that mirror the cabinets above.  While I like the look of two panels on a hood vent, I am unsure being that I don't want it to look too repetitive or too busy.  I also hate the look of hood vent covers that are made by just putting gluing two cabinets doors on them and calling it a day.  While this would not be just doors glued on, I fear that it may remind me of that. 

an idea of what the double panel on the cabinets above the hood and on the hood may look like via

 The two pictures above (from the same kitchen) are the two best pictures I can find of what I may want...

single panel hood vent cover

single hood vent cover Northwest Renovation June/July 2011

single panel hood vent cover Portland Spaces Fall 2009

Single panel hood vent cover
 As always, I would love your input.  How did you design your hood.  Custom?  metal?  Still dreaming it up?

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