Saturday, September 15, 2012


In order for the lovely cabinets I discussed yesterday to work, you gotta have some hardware or what I like to refer to as kitchen bling....sometimes I feel like it costs as much as the bling on my finger:)

So I counted once, twice, thrice and came up with needing 12-14 bin pulls (not decided if I want to use pulls on the tip out sink tray & on the pull out pantry) and 42 hinges. 

I originally planned on purchasing the hinges and bin pulls pictured above from Rejuvenation, then I figured I would buy the hinges from Restoration hardware (less expensive) after using them in our bathroom.

But then I came across Horton Brasses, a company that has been around since 1936.  Must make good stuff if they have survived this long in America.  The only difference I can see in their products (they are made of solid brass) is that the slotted screws for the bin pulls are flat instead of rounded-something that I can live with at half the cost.  Anyways, I placed the order last night (only $6 flat rate shipping) so cross your fingers that they are as nice as they sound.

Oh yes, and I can't forget about the latches for the cabinet doors.  We purchased those months ago when Restoration Hardware was having a 20% off sale.  They exactly match the ones in our bathroom.  They are pretty much exactly the same as the ones sold at Rejuvenation.

You found any great home products that are sort of like the designer knock offs?

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  1. The hardware does quickly add up! Those are pretty, it's going to look great.