Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I guess that it really pays to call companies out on their mistakes.  I just scored $98 big ones doing just that. 

Point 1.  We got our fridge delivered in June from Sears outlet-it was a return/floor model so the outer shell had some dings-no big deal since it is going to take a wood panel.  However, upon inspection, the inside had the tiniest of scratches (~1/2")-so tiny it's really not photo worthy.  Anyways, I called them up and they offered me  $50 credit to my card-woot! Or, a new fridge.  I would rather just have $50.    That was June.  I finally called them back today to claim the $50 instead of the new fridge.   So worth the 5 min phone call.

Point 2.  We ordered a new sink from Lowe's last week and part of the deal was free delivery.  Well, strangely, I got a phone call saying that the sink had arrived at the store and was ready for pick up.  hmmm.  Anyways, looks like it was a mistake so I asked what they would give me since I now have to drive 20 mins to go haul that big boy home.  You know, cast iron and all.  And gas is, well, ridiculous.  Anywho, they offered me a 10% credit to my card.  Sa-weet!   $48 and some change for me. I need to go to Lowes anyways so no big deal.

I wish I could say "girls night out" with the extra money but how about say "Light Fixtures". 

You ever get some great discounts/refunds just for asking?

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  1. To make a long story short, when our contractor told me to inspect the appliances upon delivery, I found a big ding in the side of the oven- where it would be covered by cabinets. I went into the store with a picture. I was going to ask for $100, hope for $75 and settle for $50. I really expected $50. I explained the dent and the service rep said "ok, I can get a new stove to you in a couple weeks." I told him I'd rather just have some money back. He said "ok, I can give you $109.99." I almost squealed :)