Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Black Hole No More

The weekend found us busy at work...while of course making some time for the Ducks Football

On Friday afternoon and Saturday, Steve devoted his time to several trips to Home Depot (fun, fun...or not) as well as patching in our boobie trap of a hole in the kitchen.  It used to house a California cooler (it stayed cool until we took it out this summer) and the chimney that vented our old HVAC system.  Who knew that a RAV4 could hold plywood on the roof rack and a bunch of 2x4s and 2x8s inside?  We usually borrow our neighbors trusty rig but it wasn't available, so we were stuck to our little SUV.
The black hole
using the multi-master (that tool is frickin awesome!) to take away some unneeded wood, level it all out, etc. 

Steve first reinforced the floor from the basement-you know, safety first!
and then he added back in 2x8 joists secured with Simpson brackets.  The left one is placed where it is because that is where the built in will sit once it is put in its new location
and there it is!  Black Hole/Boobie Trap NO More!

Anywho, here is what Steve got accomplished before the Ducks game (they won in case you are wondering:)

Oh, and Steve's cutting set up.  We knew there was a reason we still haven't rebuilt the horrid deck.

What's you fav sports team?  Any awesome death traps holes in your home?

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