Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hardware sale

I noticed a week or two ago that Restoration Hardware is having a sale and everything, yes everything that is full price is 20% off which got me thinking. (btw, the sale was extended a day and ends tonight)  I also had a small store credit that I needed to use.  Everything on sale is an extra 10% off so of course I had to buy a snow ball maker (I know, I'm a wimp but what's a So-Cal girl to do when her hands get all cold making snowballs?  Well, get a snowball maker of course). 
I was going to take Woodworking class again this winter in order to make a bathroom built-in, however decided against when my dad mentioned he was looking for projects when they visit at the end of the month. 

Enter bathroom hardware.  I figured that I would need 6 ball tip hinges and 3 latches.  We (well my dad with Steve and I helping where we can) are building a cabinet that will be about 13" wide and deep and 9' tall.  It will have 3 cabinet doors in order to break things up.  Originally I wanted 2 cabinet doors as well as a drawer at the bottom but when Steve and I were talking it over, we decided against the drawer for a couple reasons.  Sure, it would look nice, but do you really need a drawer for a cabinet that is only 13" deep?  Also, being that the cabinet is right next to the door and the door swings into the bathroom, Steve imagined disaster the first time that someone tried to open the bathroom door while the drawer was open.  Drawers are also a lot more work to build than a cabinet door. 
Anyways, so that means that we need 2 hinges x3 doors=6 and 3 latches in Polished Nickel.  Well, the hinges aren't too much cheaper than Rejuvenation, however the latches are much cheaper ($25 a piece at Rejuv or $11.50 + 20% off at Restoration Hardware), even after shipping,  We decided to get one extra latch so that the latches on the cabinet match the one on the medicine cabinet. 

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