Wednesday, August 1, 2012



We dove in and we sunk.  Not like those awesome Olympic divers.  We are submerged in all things kitchen.  So many little details that you have to include in your plans that I always forget about.  Yuck.

Some of my piles of pictures I have pulled out over the past 6 years as well as my kitchen faucet research chicken scratch.  This is actually an organized mess-I promise :)

 The list of all the little details we still need to decide on.  I didn't even include picking out a hood vent or dishwasher.  Guess I'll add that to the list. 

Pictures of ideas/decisions on my to-do list.  I like to have these so I can show Steve examples of what I am envisioning in my head.  I also about a ba-zillion pix pinned on Pinterest.

What I hope to consolidate all my kitchen stuff into.  I would like to keep this little notebook in my purse so that I have all necessary kitchen details on hand at all times :)

Do you have any great ways to organize magazine pull outs or ideas when you are fully submerged in a project?

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