Monday, August 6, 2012

Finally Found THE Faucet

from This Old House

As you know from my previous post on faucets, it has been a great debate for us.  I desperately wanted a wall mount faucet but also felt that I had to have a sprayer.  And there lies the problem. 

The only solution I found for this initially was to purchase a commercial faucet/sprayer system, but those didn't come in polished nickel, which is also necessary or to purchase a wall mount bridge faucet with a sprayer whose hose would hang down into the sink.  And Steve just wasn't willing to have that in the end.  Suppose I could have convinced him but it wasn't exactly my cup o tea either.

Enter my billionth hour of research on all things bungalow faucet and I came upon the picture above.  Ding Ding Ding.  What?  A wall mount faucet with a deck-mount sprayer.  This can be done?  Must find out more. 
Rohl Country Kitchen Sprayer

Danze Opulence Sprayer

I sped off to A-boy plumbing last Thursday and had  one of the people in the show room help me out.  He found out that we could indeed order either a Danze opulence or Rohl Country Kitchen sprayer separately in Polished nickel! Woo-hoo!  But then I got crushed as 2/3 of the plumbing dudes there said it couldn't be done because it will get constant pressure with it being on a separate cold water line and that could cause leaking.  Well, I went home moping that day, but didn't lose all hope. After all, the people in the picture above did it so why can't we? 

Steve asked one of the plumbing engineers at work about it and they said that while it is not ideal, it is ok to do if you lower the pressure on the line.  That's fine with me; we don't need a fire hose of a sprayer, just something that will have a bit o power.  Steve and I talked it over and decided to go for it. 

We won't know if it works until it's installed but we're crossing our fingers.  Makes us feel better that our cloth diaper sprayer is really almost the same thing, constant pressure (cuz we never turn off the valve), just it comes form the toilet line instead of the sink. and no leaks.

And for the faucet.  It's not the one pictured at the top (that I love everything about except the finish) as that is a Kohler faucet that only comes in chrome & brushed nickel. 

Drum roll please.
Sign of the Crab Strom Plumbing American Wall Mount Faucet with Curved Spout
We purchased it through because we found the best price.  We hope we like the cross handles (we think they will be easy to turn, even with greasy hands, because of the plane where they are mounted), but if we don't, they are easy to switch out to lever handles.

Any big house decisions you have been grappling with lately?  I mean, no pressure, being that you hope it will last for another 100 years :)


  1. What did you think of Vintage Tub service? I am tempted to buy one of their clawfoot tubs?

    1. We had a great experience. Ordered and a couple days later we got an e-mail with expected ship date. Then we received the faucet I think a week later. I am pretty sure that we also bought our shower curtain bar from them a couple years back and we had no problems. Good luck!