Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bungalow Kitchen Faucets

I need some help.  In process of choosing a kitchen sink faucet.  And am totally confused on what to purchase.  I was actually about to hit the "buy it now" button on the Rubinet wall hung faucet below on Sunday night and had totally fallen in love, and it was even on sale, when my husband sorta shattered the dream got me thinking more about my choice.

Pictured above is the rubinet that I am considering.  If I mounted it 3" above counter height, the top of the faucet (it is 12.5" from handle to top of faucet) would stop right above the window glass.  The big question is if that would look alright.  I really don't know.  I have tried to find pictures of similar setups and they are somewhat difficult to track down.

I have some pretty strict (and limiting) requirements for my new faucet:
  1. polished nickel
    • Jane Powell states in Bungalow Kitchens that Polished Nickel was prevalent until the 1930s
  2. cross handles ( could be swayed into getting lever handles if it is perfect otherwise)
    • Bungalow Kitchens says that either cross or lever handles were common
  3. sprayer-I use this daily and just am not willing to be without it
    • Bungalow Kitchens says that The Outlook magazine (1906) mentioned sprayers
  4. would prefer wall mount if we can make it work but also willing to go with deck mount
    •  Bungalow Kitchens says that deck-mounted faucets didn't appear until the 1930s
  5.  Goose neck or flattened L style
    • I would like to try to avoid the style that goes out straight and then into a C like the Danze Opulence that is pictured way down the list of my pix-I would like something slightly less victorian/simpler lines
  6. bridge faucet
    • Bungalow Kitchens says that mixing faucets were not prevalent until the 1920s/30s but appeared as early as 1905

Here are a few great websites for historically inspired faucets: 
Keep in mind that we are lucky right now (as long as u are not super picky like me) in that pretty much any faucet website and big box store carries faucets that would be appropriate for a historic home for only a couple hundred dollars.

 The photographs above are from Jane Powell's Bungalow Kitchens.  The other two are from our kitchen.  You can see how the window will work in with the new faucet and sink.  We are planning on a double bowl sink.

All of the photos just above are from Rejuvenation  They give some good ideas of how different types of faucets work when there is a window above the faucet.
Unfortunately, I cannot find where I found this; good example of how the sprayer will hang into the sink if it is wall mount


Super simple design, would love this with a sprayer & cross handles
Kohler Vinnata $660 great if you want a single handle

Danze Opulence $482 close but too victorian

Rohl Filter Faucet $300 all wrong for me but a nice faucet
Rubinet $650
Rohl $775

Wheel Handle with pull out sprayer $1300

American Wall Mount $400 this would be perfect if it had a sprayer
Does anyone know of or seen the perfect faucet?  I am still thinking of the rubinet but not totally 100% sold.  Do you think that the sprayer hose hanging in the sink will be bothersome? 
Do you have the same dilemmas when choosing such a show piece for your kitchen or home?  Who knew it was such a big decision.  I would love any help I could get here.


  1. Ooh I like those wall mounted faucets with sprayers! Here's a link to our blog- the last picture on this page is of our sink and faucet. I highly recommend a wall mounted faucet- cleaning the counters is a snap, and there's not wet, grimey seam to clean anymore!

  2. Oops- I think I forgot the link:)

    1. oh your faucet looks great being wall mount and with a window above. Just the sort of picture I need to see. thanks for sharing. May I ask if you have splash issues in the sink and a couple measurement questions? How far above the counter is your faucet mounted? How far above the window sill does the faucet go?

    2. Just checked my own blog- I was way off! Here's a link with some more info and links: http://nepdxbungalow.blogspot.com/2011/03/kitchen-details_16.html

    3. thanks so much! super helpful

  3. We have a deeper sink- I think 13 inches. The goose neck is about 10 or 12 inches high, and the faucet is mounted about 3 inches above the counter top. The faucet probably goes about 6 inches above the window sill. We have no splash issues at all. We got the sink for about $200 and the faucet for about $99.

  4. I prefer lever handles for the kitchen and cross for the bath. How about wall mount faucet an deck mount sprayer?

  5. Is it possible to use a wall mounted faucet and a deck mounted sprayer? Also, I would think the lever handles would be much handier in the kitchen as you can have messy hands and still easily turn the water on.

    1. I really like the idea of lever handles as far as easier to use with messy hands. I have looked for wall mount with deck mount sprayer and have yet to find any-please let me know if you see any. Great ideas and thanks for sharing!