Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Plate & Pitchfork

Steve & I were super lucky this past weekend as we got to attend a Plate & Pitchfork at Viridian Farm in Dayton, OR.  We booked the tickets about 6 months ago so the anticipation has been building and I am happy to report that it did not disappoint.

We arrived and found ourselves parked in a dirt lot with farm land and blackberries surrounding us.
Once we walked up a little dirt path, we came to a clearing.  Standing there were approximately 150 other guests sipping wine, beer and lavender soda while enjoying appetizers.
Duck with pickled green beans-it was delicious!
This is peach soup encapsulated in this jelly type ball-it burst in your mouth.  I think it would be delicious in some sort of fancy cocktail.
After about an hour or so, the group split into two and the farm owners took us on a tour of the farm while telling us about what they farm.  The owners fell in love in Spain, bought the wife's parents' farm and now grow all sorts of Spanish produce. 
They just started growing artichokes this year and have already harvested over 8 thousand
edible flowers-this was the in the middle of all of the tables where we ate
First sourse-everything is served family style.
First course on the plate

Not sure how I missed taking pictures of the 3 other courses-must have been the good conversation and wine ;)  But the dessert was to-die-for

Our table enjoying dinner

And of course some Ben...
He is going to be a ring bearer in our friends' wedding this weekend, so here he is trying on the attire.  Quite dapper...

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