Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Perma Camping!

In honor of summer camping and the fourth of July, I thought I would share about our new lifestyle, what I like to fondly refer as (but probably not for long) perma camping!  Being that we are selling our range since we have a new one on order (more info to come soon;), we decided to move her out and throw her up on Craigslist to give her a new home.

Anyways, we need a way to cook in the meantime.  And by meantime, probably at least 3 months, soooo, here is what I have come up with thus far.  My mom gave us a toaster OVEN, and I mean it cooks like an oven for real and holds a 8x10 pan.  In addition, we had a little burner plate.  Steve gave me the REI camp kitchen last Christmas and it is actually really handy.  I have yet to use it while "real" camping but it is a gem in our house.  I think it will be even more useful when the kitchen is totally demo'd on it moves to our dining room.  Not only will is provide a grease splash guard while cooking, but it has another table that can pop out to the left for a prep surface.
You have any great ideas to make living without a kitchen do-able during a remodel?  Ideas other than eating out?  We could use ideas of how to cook at home with no real kitchen.  Happy Fourth of July!  Hope you get good weather, spectacular fireworks and yummy food!

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