Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I'm sexy and I gnome it

Steve spent last week getting the stairs all prepped for drywall, treads & runners.  I spent a day cleaning up after him, which I didn't mind at all after of of his hard work:)  While it doesn't look much different in pictures, he actually got quite a bit done.
And now something about these little menz :) We were invited to a fun birthday party for my sister-in-law.  We had libations and treats and spent the night painting gnomes, a strangely satisfying craft.  Maybe it was the beer that accompanied the painting.  Or maybe really that we had been to the Organic Brew Fest all day.  Anyways, our friend Jason actually has a number of vintage gnome casts which he cast and kiln-dried prior to the party.
 I just love how they look, don't you?  They each took a couple hours to paint which makes you appreciate all the little hand-painted figurines you see at stores and estate sales.  The big ones are painted with classic colors and the little guys with metallic paints.  We finished them off with a coat of spray lacquer. 

you can see the cutouts he made in the 2x4 runner to make way for the new wall that will meet at the stairs and edge of the wood floors.

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