Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lookin Bare

So after not finishing on Sunday, Steve called work off Monday to complete demo.  After a full day of demo Monday, Steve made it to the dump 10 minutes before closing and unloaded over 1500 lbs of debris.  Mind you this doesn't include any of the wood.  He took a trip to hall all the stair wood to the wood waste recyclers a couple weeks ago.  We were left with a large pile of lath, some old cabinets and some cool treasures that he found. 

I decided that I would try look by posting the lath on Craigslist for free and a couple hours later, it was gone.  Some nice man and his girlfriend took it for their wood burning stove. 
I also re-posted our old range while I was at it and was lucky enough to have an awesome couple buy it off of us last night-they plan to use it in a turn the century home that they are re-habbing-it has an original kitchen.  Feels so good to know it is going to a good home. 

using a pry bar allowed him to remove many of the pieces of plaster in large chunks

ahhh! u can see outside at the roof line, as well as the rafter tails.
We also realized that we probably should put new cord on the windows and have them dipped while we are knee deep in this project-something else to add to the budget and to-do list!

ceiling-you can see all the different materials they have used over the years to form a floor in the attic
super bare
cabinets out-undecided if we will use them in the basement (probably too tall) or donate to Rebuilding Center; they appear original and were probably refaced in the late 30s

current "dishwasher"

Ill be back by early next week with new shots of the buck naked kitchen and the fun treasures Steve found in the wall.


  1. For dipping, Timby's is way better than Houck's!! They did a much better job on our doors.

    I'm looking forward to watching your progress over the next weeks.

  2. Can't wait to see more photos - a great project is in store:)!

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to have a new kitchen!