Monday, July 30, 2012

If these walls could talk...

Ok, I took that from Han-Mei over at Swanky-Chiang blog-hope you don't mind:) 

Sorry for being so MIA recently but life has been sorta crazy with demo'ing, building and being out of town every weekend for the last month.  I have just barely gotten laundry done...   plus just haven't been in the mood for blogging.

But I am feeling like I can breath again and am looking forward to being in town for weekends and really getting to enjoy our awesome Portland summer.

But I did want to share some pictures of some of the fun stuff that Steve pulled out from the walls when he was demo'ing our kitchen.  The stuff dates from 1939 to 2006.

a report card from 1939 @ Grant High-appears that Wanda was a fair student.  I think I met her sister a couple years back and have some fun pictures of them growing up.  Their grandparents lived in the house and then they moved in, I think in the mid to late 30s.  A 1939 report card would support my belief that the kitchen was first remodeled in the late 30s/early 40s. 
Oh yea, and isn't the old straight edge razor fun?  I hope to shine it up sometime soon.  We also have an old lather brush somewhere from Steve's family....

Ok, so Steve's brother put the little chunk of 2x4 with our name on it in the dining room wall when we put in blueboard in 2006.  The negative is a shot outside of our house!  Maybe it's of Wanda.

bubble gum isn't so old being that full price was $0.77 but the leather glove appears to be quite old-still strangely soft.  Gotta love a broken doll leg.

the little metal bowl is actually quite cheap and in bad shape but I hope to do something with it.

gotta luv Beezo the clown outside of an oldskool Safeway.  reminds me of the Safeway on Hawthorne that they just remodeled.

old business card that has a lot of scratched out parts and new things all written in-who knows?

Maybe part of a spelling test.  What gorgeous penmanship that has all been lost with these here devices we call computers.  or tablets.  or smartphones.

I think this old picture is soooo cool.  Maybe a family reunion in Butte, Montana?  Turn of the century perhaps?  Wish I knew who's family it was.  There is nothing written on the back and the frame doesn't easily come off-I might try to remove the frame at some point to see if there is writing behind.

Also have one other cool treasure-a magazine.  But I will save that for it's own photo shoot and post because it is so fun.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!  I'll try to be back soon now that we are at home for a while. 

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  1. How lucky to find such neat stuff!

    We just found a bunch of old newspapers, obviously deliberately inserted into the walls/ceilings. There might have been some stuff in the attic, but because it was full of asbestos, everything went to the land fill during the asbestos abatement.