Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kitchen Leftovers

I promised more kitchen pix and info and, well, here I am to deliver.  Despite being exhausted even though I have done none of the demo.  NONE.   Which is awesome-ly awesome.  However, I have been left to organize everything that came out of the kitchen which is really not so fun. 

waiting for Elmo 4D to start

touching a dolphin

right before Ben had a total meltdown-the result of a day in sun with no nap

playin in the water with his cousins and uncles

Ben with grandma, grandpa (who returned our last day in LA after canoeing down the Yukon for 2 months) & great-grandma

You see, it all started by Steve deciding to "surprise" me (the words he used) by taking everything out of the kitchen cabinets while Ben and I were still in California visiting family.  A homecoming surprise indeed.  I came home last Wednesday night to a dining room table covered in plates and bowls and you name it.  But where were the knives and food and coffee maker?  In the back of the basement of course!  And this girl needs her am coffee!
While it was a very sweet gesture, I just wish he had consulted the family organizer and cook first.  It was rather frustrating to come home to that and have no idea that we even had immediate plans for demo.
Anyways, we had an awesome trip to California and Steve was even able to join us for half the trip.  We took Ben to Seaworld for the first time and he loved it.  Have to say the Shamu show is not quite what I recall from my childhood-could it be that now I am an adult or that now the trainers can't get in the water to do tricks with the whales so the show consists of the trainers dancing and the whales splashing water.  We also got in a lot of family time, a tid-bit o friend time and some beach time. 

sauerkraut warming in a can along with the rest of our tasty campfire dinner

Ben inhaling his first ginormous roasted marshmallow

Anyways, I decided to just let all be as I had work the next day and then we were off the following day, Friday to Mt. Hood for camping.  I had so much unpacking and packing and shopping and laundry to do that my head was swimming.  But I got it all done, all the while thinking I would have this week to organize everything before Steve got further along with demo.  Boy was I wrong.  Steve literally stopped at Beaumont Hardware on the way home from camping to pick up plastic and tape.  So as I unpacked, Steve emptied the rest of the kitchen who-knows-where.  Amazingly, I wasn't mad; I think I was, and still am, for the most part, just overwhelmed with everything.  We arrived home at 3:30.
the green appears to have been where maybe a cabinet stood to support maybe a drainboard sink as the plaster does not have the faux-tile affect there.You can see the prestine faux-tile-kills me that we let it go.
what it may have looked like originally

beadboard to the left, I love it and am wondering how we can incorporate some into our new kitchen, maybe as a backer to the cabinets that have glass (if we do any).  This beadboard was at the bottom of our large cabinet that stood behind the range.

more faux tile below the sink

A few pix I snapped at probably around 5 or 6, just before taping and prep work was complete and demo began.

And that is what my tired hubby looked like a few hours later.  And look how much kitchen is still behind him.  hot, i know.  and he told me he would finish the whole thing that night, yea right ;)

Well friends, I have much more to post as that only brought us to Sunday but more tomorrow, I promise :)
By the way, does anyone in the area have good plaster, drywall or
electrical contractors that they can recommend? We have a few leads but would like to get multiple bids.

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  1. plaster - wayne thompson or regency; i have used both and both are outstanding. wayne is 76 and still at it!