Friday, June 15, 2012

Nimble Notions: Father's Day!

I just wanted to say happy father's day to all you dads out there!  I hope that you get to enjoy your day with maybe a little less DIY and a little more play for once.

We are hoping that the weather will cooperate around here on Sunday (it's supposed to rain for part of the day :( ) so that we can go bike riding.


Anyways, I wanted to see how crafty I could get without spending any money for father's day.  Here is what I came up with.  My thought is that Steve can put this on his desk at work.  Of course, it would have been nothing without Ben's help.  He was nice enough to pose for a profile shot (more like I happened to catch him in that position while he was playing) and finger paint a masterpiece for dad.

It was really an easy project

1. I first found an old scrap of wood in our garage that was about 6"x10".  This piece has holes because it happens for be from an old shoe rack.
2. Next, I let Ben go to town painting with some tempura paints.  I first tried finger paints but those dried a little transparently so it was difficult to see all the colors and they more blended to be a big brown blob.
3. I copy and pasted the profile shot of Ben into Word and then re-sized it to the size I needed.  I printed it in black and white and then cut it out along Ben's profile.  If you do this with a girl, it looks very cute if you have her in a pony tail when you take the profile shot.  Otherwise, it will probably make her look like a him.  Unless, of course, she does have enough hair for a pony.
4. I then just took a thin sharpie and traced around the cut out onto the wood.

5. I then googled a couple quotes on dads.  I love quotes so had to do it.
6. Then I took some of my favorite pictures of Ben and Ben & Steve together from the last few months, copied them into word, re-sized them and printed them out on regularly old paper.  After cutting them out, I laid them out on the back side of the board.  I used regular old Elmers to glue them on and Mod Podge to seal them on so that the whole thing wasn't ruined the first time it came into contact with a bit o water. 
7.  I then copied the quotes onto the board-one on front and one on back.
8. Finally, I wrote down Why I Love Daddy.  I wish that Ben could have really answered this question on his own, but when I asked him, he basically said something along these lines: "Daddy at work, daddy at work, daddy workin.  Daddy ride bike to work."  LOL  Guess that is what Steve is currently up to.  I also wrote My favorite things so that Steve can always remember what Ben's favorite things were when he was 2.

Any other great, free and fun father's day crafts or activities.  Any great father's day traditions to share-we have yet to develop any around here, but I like the idea of created a free gift each year.  Happy Father's Day!

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